WG Residence

Project type: new construction

Typologie: single-family house

Site: Beaconsfield (Island of Montreal)

Client: private client

Year of completion: 2008

Nestled in a natural setting near the Saint Lawrence River in Beaconsfield, the WG Residence project began well before the development of plans with the client. As there was already a building on the lot, we had to conduct a heritage study as well as a study of the impact the new construction would have on its surroundings in order to obtain the different permits and authorizations. At the same time, the building’s architecture and interior were designed in such a way as to maximise the interior-exterior connection and create a balance with the surrounding man-made environment.


  • Heritage study
  • Architecture
  • Principles of interior planning
  • Coordination with the City
  • Coordination of other professionals
  • Site supervision


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