Luc Denis Architecte is a professional firm whose designs grow out of a sterling understanding of its clients’ needs and aspirations, allowing the team to offer innovative solutions that bring together functionality, efficiency, esthetics and quality.

Our history

Luc Denis Architecte—nearly 25 years of experience in residential architecture in Canada and the United States. We have partnered with our clients to create several new districts which now stand at the forefront in terms of urban design and sustainability. We have also developed dozens of building typologies that are fully adapted to today’s new realities.

Above all, we are happy to have collaborated with our clients to make their dreams a reality. Over the years, we have diversified our range of services in order to better accompany our clients throughout their projects. We offer exceptional expertise in urban planning, architecture and interior design to provide our clients with products that are unmatched by our competitors.

Our team

Young and dynamic, the team at Luc Denis Architecte draws its strength from 25 years of experience and the expertise of each member of its interdisciplinary team—ranging from urban planning to private residential architecture.

  • Luc Denis
    Luc Denis ARCHITECT

    Architect and holder of a master’s degree in business administration from Laval University, Luc Denis quickly became specialized in residential architecture and project management while working at Groupe Prével. His first 10 years of experience taught him the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and promotion, and led him to open his own office in 1996. To date, he has overseen the projects of over 5,000 residential units of different types in Canada and in the United States. Several of his projects have been honoured. In fact, he is four-time recipient of the prestigious Domus prize.

    Interests: marketing projects

    Inspiration: Robert Stern and Frank Lord WrightLes quartiers écoresponsables de Malmo et Stockholm en Suède


  • Jean Lacroix
    Jean Lacroix TOWN PLANNER

    Town planner and holder of a master’s degree from University of Montreal, with more than 25 years of experience as municipal administrator in town planning for the city of Montreal. Over the years he was accountant of the reglementation, environment, economical developpemment and public security. With his expertise in the municipal administration, he got the opportunity to collaborate in many projects than now define the city.


    Inspiration: Gastown and the New Urbanism


  • Mondher Landoulsi
    Mondher Landoulsi PROJECT MANAGER

    Thanks to his training abroad, Mondher Landoulsi brings an expanded vision to architecture and architectural design. This graduate in architectural design from the University of Tunis brings undeniable added value to our projects thanks to his high level of technical knowledge—both in terms of mechanics and the design of living spaces. Mondher is also in charge of the standardization and legal aspects relating to the projects.

    Interests: constructive details

    Inspiration: Mediterranean architecture


  • Éric St-Louis

    Éric St-Louis contributes to the company’s interdisciplinary approach. This graduate in architectural design and man-made environment preservation from the University of Montreal brings life to projects born from a reinterpretation of environmental features while integrating principles of sustainability.

    Interests: heritage preservation, contemporary architecture and materials

    Inspiration: Deconstructivism and Bauhaus


  • Pierre Métivier

    Pierre joined LDA in 2009. He holds a bachelor degree in business administration and has over 15 years of experience. His recognized professionalism is an asset to the quality of our services—securing an essential liaison with our clients. The improvement of business processes is at the heart of his work.


  • Hugo Sévigny

    Interests: L’architecture contemporaine, l’architecture de paysage, le développement durable

    Inspiration: contemporary European architecture

  • Léo Navarrete

    As a graduate in architectural technology from Vanier College, Leo has experience working on residential, institutional and commercial projects of all sizes. His architectural approach is founded on the belief that we must become aware of the ecological impact of our choices. He expresses great interest in the role played by man in the reduction of modern practices’ ecological footprint. He combines traditional and modern techniques to promote accessible, effective and eco-friendly architectural solutions.

    Interests: timber framing in high-rises

    Inspiration: the work of Mies van der Rohe



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