Urbanova Single-Family Houses

Project type: master plan, new construction

Typologie: single-family houses

Site: Urbanova (Terrebonne)

Client: Ent. Yannick Villeneuve, Les Const. Jean Brunet

Website: Les Entreprises Yannick Villeneuve

                  Les Constructions Jean Brunet

Year of completion: 2013-2014

Number of units: 28

Located in the eco-friendly Urbanova project in Terrebonne, this single-family housing project from the consortium Brunet/Villeneuve revisits the idea of single-family homes in order to better answer the needs and aspirations of new generations. As such, the project modernizes the traditional single-family home and its lifestyle by offering an open interior and spaces which open onto two levels.

As the units are located on lots that are smaller than usual, the urban design of the units redefines the relationship between interior and exterior space. As a means of maximizing this relationship, all of the living spaces have been placed on ground level to ensure visual continuity and encourage land use. In order to ensure homogeneity without falling into monotony—seeing as the project spans the entire length of the street, a similar architectural style was used for all 27 units and each unit boasts unique detailing.


  • Allotment
  • Architecture
  • Coordination with the City
  • Coordination of other professionals


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