Square Angora Condominiums

Project type: master plan, integrated project

Typologie: Condominiums

Site: Les Jardins Angora (Terrebonne)

Client: Groupe Design 450

Year of completion: 2012-2013

Number of units: 48

Located in Terrebonne’s new development Jardins Angora, this project is innovative both in terms of architecture and urban design. Surrounded by natural environments and located in the heart of Terrebonne, Square Angora aims to please clients that are eager to live in an exceptional, natural environment, all while enjoying the perks of urban living. To satisfy this need at a reasonable price, we developed a typology of stacked townhouses which allows residents to relish the advantages of both condominium living and two-story townhouses.


  • Allotment
  • Urban design
  • Architecture
  • Coordination of other professionals
  • Coordination with the City


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