Pentian Condominiums

Project type: master plan, integrated project

Typologie: Condominiums

Site: Montréal (Pierrefonds-Roxboro)

Client: Groupe Pentian

Website: Pentian

Year of completion: 2007-2012

Number of units: 56

Located at the entrance of the project Héritage sur le Lac in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Montreal, this integrated condominium project by Groupe Pentian has a small-town vibe. With its classic English-inspired architecture, the 56 units in the three buildings are designed to answer the needs of contemporary families. The project offers an innovative urban design by integrating very different unit designs into each building. In addition, most parking spaces are underground, thus making space for pedestrians.


  • Allotment
  • Urban design
  • Architecture
  • Coordination with the City
  • Coordination of other professionals
  • Site supervision
  • Condominium management support


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