Le Terzo Residence

Project type: master plan

Typologie: single-family houses

Site: Urbanova (Terrebonne)

Client: Ent Yannick Villeneuve, Constructions Jean Brunet

Website: Les Entreprises Yannick Villeneuve

                  Les Constructions Jean Brunet

Year of completion: 2013-2014

Number of units: 29

Awards and Recognition: 2014 Domus prize for the best single-family house

This highly innovative project was awarded the 2014 Domus prize for best single-family house in the category of $260,000 or less. Located on Anne-Hébert Street and featuring a sloped terrain, this innovative project offers a lifestyle which is well adapted to its surroundings.

With its nearly three-meter slope, this project favours low traffic and offers underground parking whose entrance is naturally designed into the sloped terrain. This not only reduces the space used by cars, it also allows for an inhabitable ground floor on the entire width of the building—which is usually not the case in buildings set on flat terrain.

The building’s architectural and environmental design maximizes passive solar heating thanks to its generous fenestration which offers a view of the different living spaces and optimizes the relationship between the interior and exterior.


  • Allotment
  • Architecture
  • Coordination of other professionals
  • Coordination with the City


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