Entreprises Daunais Townhouses

Project type: master plan

Typologie: townhouses

Site: Urbanova (Terrebonne)

Client: Les Entreprises Daunais

Website: Les Entreprises Daunais

Year of completion: 2012-2013

Number of units: 57

Located in the new eco-friendly Urbanova project in Terrebonne, this townhouse project by Les Entreprises Daunais offers innovative exterior architecture and interior planning. Thanks to its strategic location along the neighbourhood’s main streets, the project welcomes residents and visitors with a strong, prestigious presence that incorporates contemporary and geometric style and sets the tone for the entire area.

Its interior planning is innovative, proposing open-concept split-level designs. Creating the impression of an urban loft with its 15-foot ceilings, all living spaces offer a gradual transition towards private spaces and different views onto the exterior.


  • Allotment
  • Architecture
  • Exterior planning
  • Coordination with the City
  • Coordination of other professionals


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