Héritage sur le Lac

Type de projet : master plan

Typologie : single-family houses, townhouses and condominiums

Client : Développement Pierrefonds

Année de réalisation : 2005

Nombre d'unités : 550

Located in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Montreal, between Pierrefonds Boulevard and Rivière des Prairies, this completed project is the first phase of the West End’s development plan which will continue until 2028. This first neighbourhood has welcomed over 400 families to the Island of Montreal, allowing them to take full advantage of the natural environments surrounding the project. This project is a pioneer in terms of urban innovation and integration of rainwater management. With its central basin which collects and treats rainwater for the entire area, this project is among the first in Quebec to take the turn towards sustainability. In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, the master plan was created with tree preservation in mind. Also, different typologies were developed. You can therefore find four-story buildings on Pierrefonds Boulevard as well as single-family homes lining natural spaces. This approach has led to extensive social mixing and excellent integration into surrounding neighbourhoods. For the sake of continuity and visual balance, we remained involved in the project following the overall planning process, offering our expertise in architectural integration to the different constructors up until the end of the construction work.


  • Urban design
  • Street design and layout
  • Typology planning and use
  • Integration of different ecological principles
  • Integration of infrastructures and public services
  • Participant coordination
  • Negotiation with the City
  • Architectural integration


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